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Hello and a warm welcome to Wee Blethers!

Wee Blethers provides arts, crafts and messy play sessions in venues throughout Dumfries and Galloway, for babies, toddlers and young children up to approx 11 years of age.

Wee Blethers sessions will generally be divided into the following age groups:

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  - Every Wednesday @ 10:30am-11-30am
  - Every Tuesday @1pm-2pm
  - Every Thursday @ 1pm- 2pm

At the end of the session the Wee Blethers will take home their hand made art or craft and remember the fun they had making it with their parent/carer.

More information on how these sessions, as well as being great fun, can also help with your child’s development.
child painting
children painting
Hi folks! Trying to rejig format of Wee Blethers just now...any suggestions what you would like to see please get in touch :) Meantime check out our sessions page for upcoming dates :) xx