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Hi there, my name is Dawn and I am the founder of Wee Blethers!!! Born and raised in Dumfries, I was a police officer here for 13 years, before moving abroad to continue my career in policing. Five years later at the end of my contract I decided to leave the police completely and undertook other similar roles in the public sector both nationally and internationally. However partly for family reasons but also because I really do believe there is no place like home I returned to Dumfries. smiley face

I then started to look for a new career, something that I would find fulfilling and rewarding but also importantly be good for the region. While I was doing this I became somewhat nostalgic, remembering the fun I used to have myself with arts and crafts when I was young! I soon started to consider this as a serious business venture and after extensive research and a lot of hard work Wee Blethers was born...smiley face

It is just so great to see the smiles and concentration on the Wee Blethers faces when they are working on their crafts and the sheer relief of the parent/carer because they do not need to clear up afterwards!

Creating art expands a child's ability to interact with the world around them, and provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication.